Hello to you who are reading this,

The blogging community really has been amazing so far and kind.  It is not the same with real-life people for some reason.

I’ve only been blogging for a short period of time but I have gotten only positivity from all of you who comment and like my posts.  If you didn’t know, I recently did a photoshoot with a friend, or rather an acquaintance, and posted about it here.

However, I found out last night that I received backlash from people whom I thought were my friends.  Without coming to me or Jon the photographer, they made disgusting assumptions that he asked to shoot me in order to holla, for lack of better words.  Whatever they think, they thought Jon had ulterior motives.  They twisted the story even more by saying it was inappropriate that we drove 2 hours to a beach just to do this shoot.  Towards me, they were astounded that I “even said yes” to doing this shoot when I shouldn’t have.  Someone close to me told me that if “I were smart, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Now here I am, hurt but thinking, the facts are that Jon asked me, without pressuring me, knowing that I have a boyfriend, and conversely I agreed to do it to help him grow his hobby of Photography and help him add something new to his portfolio.  He came to me only with good intentions – art – and I respect that very much so I agreed to do it.

I myself am in the creative field, and going to a school like Ryerson whose photography program is prestigious, I see photoshoots happen all the time, and it is even normal to do nude or lingerie photography or whatever you can imagine.  This is art.  On top of that, I did nothing of the sort, I wore dresses that I brought and did not pose in a sexual way either, nor did Jon even ask me to do so.  He did not lay a finger on me.

How in the world is this entire ordeal “weird” and “sketch” and “shouldn’t have happened”?


What was heartbreaking was that the person closest to me did not have my back during the gossiping but instead chimed in.  No one tried to ask me what the truth was.  Everyone made assumptions and judgements based on the surface – but the surface was merely the story they conjured up together.  It hurt me further that I tried to explain to this person, the only one whose opinion I care about, the truth and this person refused to accept or listen to it.  This person preferred his wrongful opinion over the truth from me.

All in all, I have realized that in the most unexpected times, people can turn on you just like that.  Yet there are people whom you barely talk to but if you dare try, they might surprise you with their wisdom.  I have to thank Kenneth, Jon’s photographer friend who helped set up this shoot, for his words.  Even though I just met him, he encouraged me by saying everyone has their opinions but there is only one truth.  Don’t let other’s opinions upset you if you know what the truth is.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading.  If you’re going through something similar, be encouraged that no one has the ability to make you sad except yourself – it is YOU who has the choice to choose whether you want to be affected by other people’s words.

Thank you for reading.