Hey lovelies,

This post will be about my experience with Lash extensions.  My first time getting them was in June 2014 at an Chinese-run Spa through a Groupon, and this year I have gotten it twice at another Chinese Spa through Groupon.

Keep reading if you are a lazy girl who doesn’t like wearing a lot of makeup but would love to wake up pretty and actually tell people you Woke up like Dis.

June 2014

This was my very first experience, and I got 50 lashes done as per the Groupon (which I won’t name the place).  It was my first time so I pretty much let the lady decide how she will do it, and it looked stunning.  As you will see later, this set was more natural because the extensions were shorter – I believe 11 or 12mm as the longest pieces.  Unfortunately, I was not taught how to maintain the extensions and they tangled up so badly and fell out quickly and also some stuck together.  I found that after the lashes were gone, my original lashes became more sparse and were shorter than my natural lashes. Not cool.


After a horrible experience the first time a year ago, I was convinced by a friend of mine to try another lash place, which does 50 or 80 lashes, and I caved in and went for the 80 lash extension.  You can tell from the picture that these lashes are much longer and more dramatic.  From the side they look hella long and I love it.  These were 10-13 mm extensions.

I laid on a spa bed and the owner of the place worked on my lashes for approx. 40 minutes and told me to keep my eyes closed and wait for another 10 minutes to let the glue dry.  She actually left the room and made me wait at least 20 minutes but it was fine.

So unfortunately, I still did not know how to take care of the lashes, except to not get them wet for as long as I could which was a disaster.  I basically didn’t let water get near my eye area for the first several days and would only wipe around it, and a lot of eye gunk developed (obviously) and got caught in these lashes, and were pretty hard to get out.  I tried my best not to touch them for the longest time but that backfired on me.  They got EXTREMELY tangled, and looked worse than last year because of how long these lashes are, and many lashes got stuck together and some extensions got stuck to two natural lash hairs that I had to cut them apart.

TLDR: They looked horrible by week 2, started to fall out a lot by week 3 and 4, and during week 5 and 6 I was left with maybe 5-10 lashes left on each eye and had to compensate by applying mascara and eyeliner to hide the awkward and sparse lashes.

It isn’t recommended to rub your eyes or wear eye makeup or eyeliner and DEFINITELY not Mascara with the lash extensions because when you take the makeup off, the rubbing will cause some lashes to fall off – no good.

So after 6 weeks and ripping some of my lashes out (ouch), I was free of extensions but the addiction was already in my blood.  I got the Groupon again, with the owner telling me it’s the last time I can use the Groupon and not pay regular price (whatever).  This this an employee did my lashes.

She did not do as good of a job as the owner, and only told me to wait 5 minutes to let the glue dry after she was done.  SO BAD.  I knew the glue was not dry enough yet when I got rushed to leave because it left an acute stinging feeling in my eyes for the next hour or two, and a lash kept getting caught on a bottom lash every time I blinked.

However, this time I took superb care of these lashes and they’re holding up much better than the previous time.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

All you need is your blow dryer and a Spoolie (take the free ones from Sephora, girl). After a day or two of keeping the lashes pretty much away from water, I let them get wet.  Immediately after I get out from the shower, I blot them dry by placing a face towel under my eyes and then closing my eyes onto the towel to soak off most of the water.  Then I use my blowdryer at the lowest strength and cool setting and literally Blow dry my lashes while brushing them through with the spoolie.   I brush down to keep them flowing in the same direction, then brush up to separate the individual lashes.  This way, it extends the lifetime of the lashes.

3 weeks later

This is a picture of my lashes three weeks after the procedure – they still look pretty tame and less has fallen out compared to previous times.

4 wee
4 weeks.

At four weeks they are somewhat less tame and there’s a significant difference in fall out

Here’s how they look from the side – very dramatic!
Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.17.42 AM
Me playing with a puppy but damn look at the lashes

I hope you found this post useful and maybe you’ll be inspired to get your own lash extensions too! Enjoy 🙂