Hey there, Mr. Steal Your Girl is here with a review for YOU today on the Activated Charcoal Mask. *ooooh, ahhhh*

A little disclaimer: I forewarn you, friends on the internet, that the charcoal will make a HUGE mess EVERYWHERE. Prepare to clean up your bathroom after you do this.

So I did some research on masks that help draw out impurities, because I feel like Bentonite masks aren’t quite strong enough for my deep set sebum (gross, I know).  I heard really great things about Glamglow and so I looked up its ingredients; the most important one in the mask is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL.  It’s like normal charcoal, but heated to increase its absorption power.  Hospitals give this to patients to absorb drugs or alcohol when they get an overdose because Activated charcoal can absorb the toxins before they get into their bloodstream.

If it’s edible, it’s definitely OK for the skin.  I also don’t really want to be set back $80 to get a tiny jar of Glamglow, which I totally would if I was a balla.  As well, being the Screw-the-rules type of girl, I googled if anyone has tried to make a homemade mask with this ingredient – which not to my surprise people did.

So I went and bought a pack of Activated Charcoal pills (meant for disgestive issues) at Shoppers for $10.99; I opened the pills by twisting the caps, and then mixed this with some clay mask I already had on hand (use any brand with Bentonite), and added just a tiny splash of water to get the paste mixing properly.  Then I applied it to my face and left it there for 12 minutes and washed it off using my Clarisonic.

Here’s where it gets messy.  The charcoal will get into the nooks and crannies of your skin, such as the wrinkles in your fingers and under your finger nail, and wherever your face has a wrinkle too.  It’s impossible to get all the black out without using a Clarisonic or maybe a towel if you don’t own one.  Consider yourself warned, girlfriend.

The Results?  Many of my little blackheads and sebum plugs began to come out, which is pretty cool, but the Activated Charcoal did not remove them completely.  The really interesting part was that after I used this mask, really deep/old cystic acne/sebum I had from last year that is trapped under my skin but isn’t red nor active anymore — started to come to the surface to form a pimple.  Don’t know if this is a good and bad thing that a zombie pimple basically happened, but it gives me the chance to extract it later.

TLDR;  This mask brought some the trapped sebum and black heads which are deep under my skin to the surface, but they did not disappear after I washed my mask off like I hoped it would do.  However, it may work better for some people more than others depending on how old and deep your blackheads and stuff are.  It is very drying so make sure to moisturize well after.

If you do give this a try, please let me know 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post!




Author: Boki

I am 21 years old and currently in school for Interior design. But what I actually want you to know about me is that I also love fashion, I love food and cooking food, I love travel, I love beauty and skincare. But most of all, I love learning - I am deeply curious about what I don't know. Also I am obsessed with dogs and have horrible spatial awareness so I walk into things several times a day. Who are you?

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