Hey loves!
As you may already know (just kidding, no one knows – I just started my blog), my parents are undergoing bathroom renovations for our bathrooms, and as an interior design student, it was my first real project.
Designing your home can be extremely overwhelming as I am learning.  Your ideas can go everywhere but then you unfortunately end up having to make many many changes due to budgeting.
Also, just a heads up, looking at inspiration photos can both be a blessing and a curse….. because you might exit that website feeling even more confused about what you want than before, because everything looks good.
During the bathroom renovations, I will make more posts talking about how I chose my materials and why, and the whole process… and OBVIOUSLY the “After” Photos – so stay tuned!
But here are some pics I collected on Houzz; it’s a great website for home design inspiration.
This bathroom’s irregular layout doesn’t give a feeling of cramped-ness but actually gives an interesting POV.  The subtly warm tones such as the grey subway tile, the wood-tile floors, and the creamy white cabinetry, as well as the patterned nook in the wall backlit with yellow lighting make this small bathroom very inviting.  The lack of a mirror above the vanity is also a unique touch.
I love the all-white colour scheme happening here that gets cut off by the graphic herringbone wood tile.  The rounded glass knobs, the delicate sconce, as well as the beautifully curved faucet altogether create a feminine vibe, but the angled wood floor adds a hint of toughness and masculinity to it.
I love the use of marble in different sizes and grains, and how the polished nickel faucet brings out the warm tones of this bathroom and complements the flowers.
Subway tile is amazing, and I’ve seen it being used in both traditional bathrooms and modern bathrooms – in this bathroom, the 3×6 tiles are used in conjunction with the 1×2’s, and creates a beautiful textural contrast. I love it.
I love the rectilinear lines in this bathroom – it gives this bathroom straightforward, fresh, and clean, yet cozy vibe.  The warm marble tile used throughout the bathroom gives it an inviting spa feel, and the step to the raised shower is another cool feature.
I am in love with the lighting in this bathroom.  It is dramatic and really makes the marbles stand out.  I also love the Carrara marble countertop that extends into a backsplash higher than usual into a shelf for bath products. The soft Carrara pattern contrasting with the herringbone marble tile on the wall is another beautiful feature.  Dark colours in a bathroom like this is great for a bathroom or powder room with no window, because you can create a moody, spa-like atmosphere with the use of artificial lighting.
This bathroom has all the best materials coming together in harmony.  My favourite thing about it is the polished mosaic tile on the wall, which is brought out by the polished nickel sconces.  The marble, again goes so well with the wall tile as its smooth soft texture is juxtaposed with the mosaic tile.  Another great touch is the crystallized drawer handles. Also, the elongated frameless bevelled mirror gives a refined feel to the bathroom and doesn’t take the attention away from the beautiful wall tile.

Author: Boki

I am 21 years old and currently in school for Interior design. But what I actually want you to know about me is that I also love fashion, I love food and cooking food, I love travel, I love beauty and skincare. But most of all, I love learning - I am deeply curious about what I don't know. Also I am obsessed with dogs and have horrible spatial awareness so I walk into things several times a day. Who are you?


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