Hey loves!

So yours truly is obsessed with Instagram (follow me @bokikwok !!!) and I honestly have been seeing so many people rave about how great these pancakes at Mildred’s are and I just HAD to try them.  I made my boyfriend go with me as my “birthday meal” instead of a usual fancy dinner.

We started with some scones of the day, and we got the original Buttermilk one and a Blueberry scone.  Girl at this point I was already so hyped for ONLY the pancakes like I had tunnel vision, but these scones were amazing!  I didn’t expect anything less from Mildred’s.  The whipped butter was awesome with the scones which were already hella crumbly and buttery but the plum marmalade thing on the right wasn’t as great.

Okay, so THESE were the Insta-famous Blueberry Pancakes that EVERYBODY is obsessed with.  What is the verdict?  They were super fluffy, buttery, rich, and the blueberry compote was amazing too with it.  There was also a subtly lemony flavour that cuts through the richness of the cakes.  These are not your typical flat, lifeless, and soggy pancakes, my friends.  The bae and I had problems trying to finish this by ourselves.  Seriously.

The only downside to these fluffy pancakes was that in order to get them so fluffy and airy there is alot of butter in them.  At some point I felt like the buttery-ness was too much.  The sweetness of the syrup was also too much for me too; the bottom of the pancake was saturated with maple syrup which made it too sweet to eat.

Overall though, I had an amazing experience at this place and would definitely come back here to share the pancakes with my girlfriends (Boyfriend doesn’t like brunch).  These babies are definitely made to share.

*WARNING* Do NOT attempt to try to devour the entire stack on your own! Heart attacks impending. *

If you try Mildred’s or this post has inspired you to try it, let me know if you like it!




Hey loves! School is coming up really soon (to my dismay) but I always get excited about buying new products so I will be “prepped” for the stressful life (am I right?)  I mean, do not all the pink and purple things just make you feel so girly and motivated and ready for school?

IMG_7800So without further ado, Let’s jump right into the products (From left to right):

Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 5:  This is a lifesaver for those breakouts that just creep up on you during exams, or whenever, because acne is a bitch.  I also talked about this in my HG products post!

Dr. Bronner Lavender Pure-Castille Liquid Soap:  I just bought this to try as a body wash, and I am loving it so far!  This soap is vegan, fair-trade, and organic so you know it is both good for your body and good to the world.  It will definitely last forever because I only need to squirt a small amount and then it foams up beautifully on a loofah.  I love the lavender smell but if you’re not a big fan, there are many other scents as well!  Apparently you can wash your face and hair too with it, but I am skeptical to try… If I do I will write about it in a future post!

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado:  Read more about it in my HG products post, but this eye cream is very affordable and moisturizing and great as an eye cream for people in their early 20’s.  This is an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE for the winter, especially the Canadian winter if you live here!

Lush Mask of Magnaminty:  This is a good mask to use if you’re feeling under the weather or you (tsk tsk) slept with makeup on one fateful night.  It doesn’t dry out the skin at all and after using it, my face felt cleaner and more refreshed.  FYI, Not a miracle product, but is good to have when you need it, which you will!

No-Show Liner Socks:  I got these at Winners for super cheap; $10 for 6 pairs.  These socks are so versatile and they are a must to wear with any sneakers, flats, or low-profile shoes like Vans.  I have a pair of Vans that I love but stopped wearing because they smell so bad since I never wore them with socks.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: I quite like the wand on this mascara because it does a great job of keeping my lashes separated.  I don’t really like the clumpy, voluminous, and spidery kind of look which some people actually prefer, so this works!  Feel free to use a mascara you love, but you NEED A MASCARA! For the many days which you will be tired from studying, mascara does a great job of making your eyes appear more open and awake.

Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip balm:  This is my all-time favourite lip balm, because it is so moisturizing, gives a sheer and shimmery red pigment to my pale and sickly-looking lips, and the smell is divine.  It was also talked about in my HG products post (sorry, I know, but it is a goodie).

OPI Sweet Heart Nail Polish: If there is only one colour you can bring to school and wear forever, it is this one.  Sweet Heart is a delicate yellow-pink creme colour that compliments pretty much any skin tone.  It is such a girly and wearable colour, I am obsessed!

Wide-tooth and Fine-Toothed Comb:  The wide toothed comb is gentle and painless to detangle knots in wet or dry hair, and the fine toothed comb will detangle any remaining knots.  Great to have on hand because tangly hair is not cute, am I right?

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer: Amazing under-eye concealer with a thin, workable consistency and medium coverage to combat the all-nighters.  I am in a quite tedious program in terms of workload, and everyone in my program will tackle many late nights, if not all-nighters working on projects.  I try my best to avoid those, but an undereye concealer like this one really helps me look awake after a horrible night of slaving over work.

Bioderma Sensibio H2o Micelle Solution:  Amazing and reliable all-purpose makeup remover that is so gentle on your skin and leaves the skin clean and supple.  I never recommend only using this and skipping cleansing, but if you’re really tired, it’s better to at least take off your makeup before bed.  Bioderma is by far the most gentle and effective makeup removing water I have ever used.  It is worth the money!

Batiste Dry Shampoo:  This is the BEST dry shampoo brand!  I’ve tried other drug store brands and they just can’t do the same thing and have horrible smells and uncomfortable residue.  It is quite expensive but I found this on sale for $6.99 at Winners, such a steal!   Honestly, there are days when I just don’t feel like washing my hair and also, washing it every day is bad, so having a dry shampoo on hand is a must.

Kirkland Green Tea:  If you knew me personally, you would know I love Costco.  Even their private brand Kirkland’s products are on point and sometimes better than branded stuff.  This tea is a mix of Matcha and Sencha, I believe. Green tea is so good for calming your body, metabolism, antioxidants, and it tastes so good!  Having a cup of tea around when I’m doing work or studying is really a blessing.  Give this product a try next time you go to Costco!  It is around $15.99 for 100 packets I think.

Aerie Nubra:  Buying this sticky bra changed my life!  I used to deal with strapless bras that keep falling off and there are so many pretty tank tops I love wearing which will show my bra straps.  This is so comfortable to wear – yes you do feel the sticky feeling on your boobs, but having a naked, unrestricted back feels so good! Make sure you clean this periodically, though.

So I hoped you enjoyed this post, if there are any necessities that you think I should bring to school, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS! I am totally welcome to hearing any suggestions from you 🙂



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This really is a breakfast to throw together the night before and look forward to the next morning.
Delicious mango chunks and creamy coconut pair so perfectly together and who doesn’t love pudding?
Can’t get enough of coconut + mango combinations …

what you need
1/2 cup coconut milk* (I use full fat)
1/2 cup almond milk*
3 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp vanilla extract
handful frozen mangoes

what to do
combine chia seeds, vanilla extract, coconut milk and almond milk in a glass
stir very well
mixture should get slightly thicker as chia seeds absorb liquid
put pudding mixture in fridge overnight
take out a handful of frozen mango chunks and let thaw in fridge overnight
next morning: combine mangoes and thickened chia pudding

*note: I prefer a very thick coconutty pudding, but if you don’t want it so thick you can use more almond milk or just omit the coconut milk altogether
but keep ratio of 3 tbsp chia seeds : 1 cup liquid for chia seed pudding
(too little liquid and seeds don’t turn to gel; too much leads to a watery mixture that isn’t a pudding)

enjoy your healthy breakfast!


Hey loves!
As you may already know (just kidding, no one knows – I just started my blog), my parents are undergoing bathroom renovations for our bathrooms, and as an interior design student, it was my first real project.
Designing your home can be extremely overwhelming as I am learning.  Your ideas can go everywhere but then you unfortunately end up having to make many many changes due to budgeting.
Also, just a heads up, looking at inspiration photos can both be a blessing and a curse….. because you might exit that website feeling even more confused about what you want than before, because everything looks good.
During the bathroom renovations, I will make more posts talking about how I chose my materials and why, and the whole process… and OBVIOUSLY the “After” Photos – so stay tuned!
But here are some pics I collected on Houzz; it’s a great website for home design inspiration.
This bathroom’s irregular layout doesn’t give a feeling of cramped-ness but actually gives an interesting POV.  The subtly warm tones such as the grey subway tile, the wood-tile floors, and the creamy white cabinetry, as well as the patterned nook in the wall backlit with yellow lighting make this small bathroom very inviting.  The lack of a mirror above the vanity is also a unique touch.
I love the all-white colour scheme happening here that gets cut off by the graphic herringbone wood tile.  The rounded glass knobs, the delicate sconce, as well as the beautifully curved faucet altogether create a feminine vibe, but the angled wood floor adds a hint of toughness and masculinity to it.
I love the use of marble in different sizes and grains, and how the polished nickel faucet brings out the warm tones of this bathroom and complements the flowers.
Subway tile is amazing, and I’ve seen it being used in both traditional bathrooms and modern bathrooms – in this bathroom, the 3×6 tiles are used in conjunction with the 1×2’s, and creates a beautiful textural contrast. I love it.
I love the rectilinear lines in this bathroom – it gives this bathroom straightforward, fresh, and clean, yet cozy vibe.  The warm marble tile used throughout the bathroom gives it an inviting spa feel, and the step to the raised shower is another cool feature.
I am in love with the lighting in this bathroom.  It is dramatic and really makes the marbles stand out.  I also love the Carrara marble countertop that extends into a backsplash higher than usual into a shelf for bath products. The soft Carrara pattern contrasting with the herringbone marble tile on the wall is another beautiful feature.  Dark colours in a bathroom like this is great for a bathroom or powder room with no window, because you can create a moody, spa-like atmosphere with the use of artificial lighting.
This bathroom has all the best materials coming together in harmony.  My favourite thing about it is the polished mosaic tile on the wall, which is brought out by the polished nickel sconces.  The marble, again goes so well with the wall tile as its smooth soft texture is juxtaposed with the mosaic tile.  Another great touch is the crystallized drawer handles. Also, the elongated frameless bevelled mirror gives a refined feel to the bathroom and doesn’t take the attention away from the beautiful wall tile.


Hello to you who are reading this,

The blogging community really has been amazing so far and kind.  It is not the same with real-life people for some reason.

I’ve only been blogging for a short period of time but I have gotten only positivity from all of you who comment and like my posts.  If you didn’t know, I recently did a photoshoot with a friend, or rather an acquaintance, and posted about it here.

However, I found out last night that I received backlash from people whom I thought were my friends.  Without coming to me or Jon the photographer, they made disgusting assumptions that he asked to shoot me in order to holla, for lack of better words.  Whatever they think, they thought Jon had ulterior motives.  They twisted the story even more by saying it was inappropriate that we drove 2 hours to a beach just to do this shoot.  Towards me, they were astounded that I “even said yes” to doing this shoot when I shouldn’t have.  Someone close to me told me that if “I were smart, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Now here I am, hurt but thinking, the facts are that Jon asked me, without pressuring me, knowing that I have a boyfriend, and conversely I agreed to do it to help him grow his hobby of Photography and help him add something new to his portfolio.  He came to me only with good intentions – art – and I respect that very much so I agreed to do it.

I myself am in the creative field, and going to a school like Ryerson whose photography program is prestigious, I see photoshoots happen all the time, and it is even normal to do nude or lingerie photography or whatever you can imagine.  This is art.  On top of that, I did nothing of the sort, I wore dresses that I brought and did not pose in a sexual way either, nor did Jon even ask me to do so.  He did not lay a finger on me.

How in the world is this entire ordeal “weird” and “sketch” and “shouldn’t have happened”?


What was heartbreaking was that the person closest to me did not have my back during the gossiping but instead chimed in.  No one tried to ask me what the truth was.  Everyone made assumptions and judgements based on the surface – but the surface was merely the story they conjured up together.  It hurt me further that I tried to explain to this person, the only one whose opinion I care about, the truth and this person refused to accept or listen to it.  This person preferred his wrongful opinion over the truth from me.

All in all, I have realized that in the most unexpected times, people can turn on you just like that.  Yet there are people whom you barely talk to but if you dare try, they might surprise you with their wisdom.  I have to thank Kenneth, Jon’s photographer friend who helped set up this shoot, for his words.  Even though I just met him, he encouraged me by saying everyone has their opinions but there is only one truth.  Don’t let other’s opinions upset you if you know what the truth is.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading.  If you’re going through something similar, be encouraged that no one has the ability to make you sad except yourself – it is YOU who has the choice to choose whether you want to be affected by other people’s words.

Thank you for reading.


I love wearing sneakers when the weather starts to cool in the late summer and into fall.  Blacks and Whites are generally what I love to wear, but I have recently been loving pops of colour in sneakers, that go amazing with a black & white outfit (because what other colours does one wear in fall? come on.)
(img src: Capsuule and Deadstock)

These totally give a power ranger vibe.  The coral pink and purple combination is perfect too.

2. Jordan VI Retro Low GS

These shoes are super masculine and tough but I can imagine it looks great paired with shorts, black jeans or leggings with girly accessories.

3. Nike Women’s Roshe Run

I love the standard black Roshe’s, but these crocodile print / black give it a graphic yet monotone pop which I love.

4. Nike Air Max

I used to think these were super grandma and chunky, but now I love how people have been styling this pair.  I’ve wanted these for a long time, and they would look great with any simple outfit and true blue ripped jeans and gold accessories…..actually anything would work with these!

5. Nike Air Max Thea

Like the white air max, these are just so STAPLE! I would love either one but these look more athletic and slim, a great pair as well.

6. Nike Women’s Free 4.0 Flyknit

Last but not least, I wasn’t a fan of super colourful kicks, but these honestly look like they’re from the future.  I am in love with the mesh material and the weaving of pinks, purples and greens in this shoe.  The black and white makes this shoe versatile to any monochromatic outfit as well…. but what am I saying, I should be actually going to the gym in these.

I hope you enjoyed my picks of sneakers for summer and fall!

Let me know what you like and how you style sneakers!




A friend of mine recently asked me to be his model for his portfolio, and we, along with some friends drove up to a beautiful beach called Deanlea beach in the township of Tiny.

We went an hour early at 7:30 to make sure we catch the 8:30 sunset, which was ethereal. I still can’t get over how pretty the sky and the beach were.

My friend JP as well as his photographer friend Kenneth shot me standing in the water.  Honestly, my feet starting to hurt after stepping in the rocks for so long, but it was worth it for the pictures!  For my first time, I think a lot of the pictures turned out quite well.  Here are some:


20150810_DSC9401Boki 20150810_DSC9122Boki
Hope you enjoyed the pics and make sure you check out JP’s portfolio here and Kenneth’s here!
Til next time 🙂